Salmon Textile Art

IMG_6966This artwork was inspired and made from scraps from my Whitehorse Rapids quilt.

IMG_6970The salmon were sketched from a selection of images I found online.

IMG_6969I used some beautiful fabrics bought at Bear’s Paw Quilts for each section of the coho salmon.

IMG_6972The salmon were topstitched with silver thread to give the illusion on scales.

IMG_6975The back of the quilt is just as beautiful – with only the stitching showing through.

IMG_6976This wall-hanging was made as a Christmas gift to my Uncle Al – who has worked among salmon for many, many years.

IMG_6977I am very happy with the final product.

Here is a picture of a coho salmon for comparison:



Snakes and Lattice

IMG_6914This is a table runner I made for my Aunty Wendy.


The debrief was to make anything with vibrant green. The colours I chose were a little crazy, but somehow it works.

IMG_6908The table runner measures 16″ (40cm)  x 43″ (110cm).

IMG_6912This is the first project I started and finished in a day, taking about 5 hours in total. I made this quilt following the same pattern as I used in the first quilt I ever made. It was surreal going through the same processes with much more confidence and foresight. I’m sure this pattern will resurface again.

Whitehorse Rapids Quilt for MIL

IMG_6899My first big quilt was made for my Mother-in-law, Leanne.

IMG_6893I made this quilt in a class I took at Bear’s Paw Quilts here in Whitehorse.

IMG_6895It was made by piecing together strips of fabric and cutting and assembling three rectangular shapes.

IMG_6896It measures 63″ (160cm) x 83″ (210cm).

IMG_6898I had it quilted in a pattern that mimicked the design of the backing fabric.

IMG_6894The most challenging part of the process was deciding the colours of the borders, binding and backing.

IMG_6897The most rewarding part was seeing it come to life in the final stages of the construction, and of course passing it on to its true owner.

I hope you can enjoy it for many years to come, Leanne.

Grazing Bison

IMG_6915This quilt was based on the ‘Bryson’ pattern by Barbara Jones. The original pattern had one huge bison front and centre.

IMG_6921I made this quilt during a class at Bears’ Paw Quilts in Whitehorse in December 2013 as a Christmas gift for Mum and Dad.

IMG_6917As this is my first official art quilt, I experimented with a variety of stitches – all done by machine.

IMG_6920I found a tiny image of an eagle on Pinterest and made it in fabric to applique into the sky. The clouds are lined in silver stitching.


IMG_6922The main top stitching I did was thick free-stitched hair on the bisons’ back and heads. I love that the distant mountains look so similar to the mountains surrounding me here in Whitehorse.

IMG_6918Mum loved the quilt, making the whole experience a complete success!