Grazing Bison

IMG_6915This quilt was based on the ‘Bryson’ pattern by Barbara Jones. The original pattern had one huge bison front and centre.

IMG_6921I made this quilt during a class at Bears’ Paw Quilts in Whitehorse in December 2013 as a Christmas gift for Mum and Dad.

IMG_6917As this is my first official art quilt, I experimented with a variety of stitches – all done by machine.

IMG_6920I found a tiny image of an eagle on Pinterest and made it in fabric to applique into the sky. The clouds are lined in silver stitching.


IMG_6922The main top stitching I did was thick free-stitched hair on the bisons’ back and heads. I love that the distant mountains look so similar to the mountains surrounding me here in Whitehorse.

IMG_6918Mum loved the quilt, making the whole experience a complete success!


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