Whitehorse Rapids Quilt for MIL

IMG_6899My first big quilt was made for my Mother-in-law, Leanne.

IMG_6893I made this quilt in a class I took at Bear’s Paw Quilts here in Whitehorse.

IMG_6895It was made by piecing together strips of fabric and cutting and assembling three rectangular shapes.

IMG_6896It measures 63″ (160cm) x 83″ (210cm).

IMG_6898I had it quilted in a pattern that mimicked the design of the backing fabric.

IMG_6894The most challenging part of the process was deciding the colours of the borders, binding and backing.

IMG_6897The most rewarding part was seeing it come to life in the final stages of the construction, and of course passing it on to its true owner.

I hope you can enjoy it for many years to come, Leanne.


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