Salmon II

IMG_7076In an effort to use up my fabric stash, I was inspired to revisit my salmon patterns used to make my first salmon art quilt and create another.

IMG_7080I quilted over the body of the fish following the colours in the fabric.



Yukon Art Quilt

IMG_7064The Yukon is such a beautiful, inspiring place to live. This art quilt captivates many things I love about the land.

IMG_7068I bought the mountain fabric specifically for my Grazing Bison art quilt and had enough left-over to use on this one.

IMG_7065This was my first experience stippling and I’m stoked with the results. The stippling is smaller towards the mountain and larger towards to bottom of the quilt to add depth.


Seaside Dining Set

IMG_7016Having enjoyed Jessica Levitt’s “Slices of Sunshine” table runner pattern so much the first time, I made an additional set in seaside fabrics.

IMG_7017This set is for my wonderful best friend for her birthday…Surprise! Happy belated birthday, Lib!

IMG_7018The shell fabric captivated me and I was able to compliment it will natural shapes and colours down either side.

IMG_7019I made four extra placemats, and used a beautiful coral backing.


Blue Dining Set

IMG_6965A few months ago I made these placemats, coasters and table runner for my sister.

IMG_6963The designs came from Jessica Levitt in the book ‘Set the Table’.

IMG_6961I used the left-over scraps to make matching coasters…

IMG_6953…and a pot coaster, too.

IMG_6951In fact, everything in the photo above was made from extra pieces of fabric. The design in the book was for the table runner only.