Pencil Portrait – Robin Williams

What a wonderful man. I drew this portrait to celebrate Robin’s life. Rest in peace, friend of the world.
photo copy 11



Yukon Art Quilt

IMG_7064The Yukon is such a beautiful, inspiring place to live. This art quilt captivates many things I love about the land.

IMG_7068I bought the mountain fabric specifically for my Grazing Bison art quilt and had enough left-over to use on this one.

IMG_7065This was my first experience stippling and I’m stoked with the results. The stippling is smaller towards the mountain and larger towards to bottom of the quilt to add depth.


Salmon Textile Art

IMG_6966This artwork was inspired and made from scraps from my Whitehorse Rapids quilt.

IMG_6970The salmon were sketched from a selection of images I found online.

IMG_6969I used some beautiful fabrics bought at Bear’s Paw Quilts for each section of the coho salmon.

IMG_6972The salmon were topstitched with silver thread to give the illusion on scales.

IMG_6975The back of the quilt is just as beautiful – with only the stitching showing through.

IMG_6976This wall-hanging was made as a Christmas gift to my Uncle Al – who has worked among salmon for many, many years.

IMG_6977I am very happy with the final product.

Here is a picture of a coho salmon for comparison: