Pencil Portrait – Sam

Last year my friend competed in the Sochi Olympics. I am so proud of her! Here is a drawing of a photo taken at the event. This drawing took about 3 times as long to do as any of the others. photo 2 copy 2



Pencil Portraits – Joe, Kenny & Alex

My next portrait was of an old friend, Joe. After a couple more weeks of drawing I sent out requests to my friends for photos for me to draw. Joe kindly asked if I would draw this friend and brother who were on the road trip with him where this photo was taken. I look forward to being able to display these three portraits side-by-side.


photo copy

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.55.40 PM

photo copy 7

10563136_10152219027047116_5597123311118588307_n 2

photo copy 8

10407644_10152219065797116_4716401565951786777_n 2